For Me, This Is Heaven

The pavement was still warm from the afternoon sun. They laid their heads back on crumpled jackets to examine the universe. The dark sky registered as deep indigo to their eyes as they separated the nothingness from the scattered starlight.

“In 4th grade I asked my parents for a star for my birthday,” she mused aloud.
“I’m imagining it didn’t turn out well. You would have bragged about star rights by now if it had,” he jested.
“I don’t think they took the request seriously,” she shrugged it off.

They lay there silent for a few minutes, and then he turned sharply to her, face gravely serious.

“I’ll buy you a star.”
She laughed. “Oh really now?”
“Yes. Pick one out and we’ll Google if it is taken or not.”
She shook her head and rested it closer to his.
“How about that one?” he pointed towards a bright orb.
“I’m pretty sure that’s a planet,” she laughed again, “Maybe Venus?”
“Well a planet won’t do for you… let’s see…” he searched through the night sky intently, squinting his eyes to focus on the distant heavens.

She watched him concentrate, his face faintly lit by the methodical green, yellow, red of the neighboring intersection. She looked at him and wondered if she’d ever love anyone more.


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