Snapshots Of A Relationship #4

“I wish you lived closer,” she said softly over the phone. The tiny hairs on his arm stood at attention at the sound of her voice. His pace quickened.

“So do I,” he replied.

They laid in their separate beds an ocean apart. She was in for the evening, outfitted for a long’s night’s sleep. He was postponing his preparation for work, ignoring the alarm’s buzz as it vibrated on his nightstand. He pressed “snooze” and turned his attention back to the phone.

“What would it be like?” she asked playfully.

He closed his eyes and recalled from his mind the image of the relationship he so often ruminated about.

“I’m pretty sure it would be wonderful,” he responded after a moment of indulging in their hypothetical. “I’d have done everything I could to become your boyfriend. I’d wake up next to you on the weekends and we’d stay in bed talking… and maybe fooling around a bit.” He paused, smiling in anticipation of her reaction.

Right on cue, she giggled. “Is that so?” she said.

“Yes,” he continued. “But we could do anything you wanted to, really. I just like the idea of spending time with you.”


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