Whenever, Wherever

Out of sight
The way you come alive,
when you are all alone

Whenever you want it, wherever you want it…

Anywhere you are, my love
Let me comfort you,
your eyes dripping blue

I’ll be the night fly looking for your sin
You be the bright light drawing me in
No room for doubt, so just stubbornly keep on
But for how long?

And I can’t say no
Not until I reap the seeds I’ve sown
Not until I take that long walk home
And stare you down

Words that appeased you
Words were always,
dressed up to please you
Promising “someday”,
whispered to you so desperately all night
Walk out the door, get rid of the tells
Say it’s ok, but we’re kidding ourselves
Trick me to thinking, that you could be all mine

All the time, the way you are alone
The way you hold it all
I stalled, I watched you come down
Oh lord, I tried
And it’s still not enough


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