Another Again

If there was one song to represent my dating life then it would be this one. A classic tale of boy meets girl, boy dates girl, boy and girl break up once it is clear they don’t fit, boy and girl engaged in on/off relations on repeat for extended period of time despite knowing that they don’t fit. The lyrics are perfect, of course, but the standout element is the rhythm which mirrors the theme of cyclical patterns of behavior. John’s silky-smooth vocals bleed into each stanza implying to the listener both a hesitation towards the next phase AND an unseen force pulling him towards the inevitable relapse. Genius. I had difficulties separating out the phrases because the way it is performed the ‘again’s could work in several places (e.g. but I told her to come over again, or again I’m wasting time). I took creative liberties in the arrangement. Whatever.

Favorite Lyrics:
So it’s over, but I told her to come over
Again I’m wasting time
But she’s always on my mind
I can’t let her go
Oh, she’s not the best, but she’s all that I know

Not good enough to stay but not quite bad enough to pick up and leave? I feel you, John.


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