Like Crazy: the beginning of the end

Cait: Hey, I know we’re not talking but I wanted to say before you get married and you disappear off the face of the earth, that I am sorry for treating you so poorly and for not validating your feelings and ambitions and for saying things that made you feel judged and small. I treated you really poorly for a very long time and I am sorry. I’m glad you found someone who gives you the unconditional love and support you deserve and that I withheld from you.

M: Cait, I never hated anything about you except that you never gave it a fair shot. I appreciate the apology, but you’ve always been near perfect to me. Hopefully down the line you’ll love people for their imperfections that they acknowledge themselves and not for what they got going for them; the latter isn’t real.

Cait: I don’t love people for what they have going on.

M: I think about you all the time.

Cait: I’ve only ever completely loved one person and I didn’t love them for that. I think I was just scared the whole time. I cry most days lol. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

M: Like you’re so engrained in me that I’ll always wonder, horrible to say, considering I’m less than a month away, but I’m not much of a liar these days.

Cait: I miss you.

M: Like crazy.


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